Friday, May 06, 2005

Let's try this again....

Obviously, this blog has not been a hotbed of activity.

I had a feeling this sort of thing would happen, which is precisely why I held off for so long on even starting one. It turns out that despite my deep and abiding interest in political and cultural matters, it's another matter to work up the required passion to actually write up something that someone else would find worth reading. Besides, political blogs are a dime a dozen, and while I do think I can cook up some damn tasty political diatribes more often than not, in all likelihood I'd just be regurgitating whatever I'd just read from Ann Coulter or some other highly regarded pundit. Making the whole exercise rather pointless in the end.

So, what to do with this puppy then?

Well, when in doubt, go with your strengths.

In this case, that means being a curmudgeonly old Trekkie. Even with the demise of "Enterprise", there'll always be something to cheese off the fanboys, be it rumored movie plans, half-baked novels, or woefully inaccurate model kits.

And, of course, since we're not dealing with life and death issues, I'll be able to get far more shrill without resulting in either being called a Nazi, or my calling others Nazis. Can't say that about politics.

And so, this blog enters a new phase, and hopefully one in which I'll be more motivated to post something more frequently than every six weeks or so.

Thrusters ahead, helmsman....