Monday, September 26, 2016

A Small Demonstration...

Let's clarify.

Here's a nice rendering of the eleven footer...

Click on that pic and you'll note it's 947 pixels long, so comparisons will be a snap (1 pixel = 1 foot).

Here's a drawing of the venerable AMT model, circa 1966, and screen accurate to the USS Constellation NCC-1017 (I've put the Discovery's registry on the nacelle for effect)...

Look what happens when we match up the two according to the bridge domes and thickness of the primary hulls...

I think that fits with concept of a similar, older, slightly smaller class of starship, and makes a helluva lot more sense for a ship that a) has a registry in the same range as the established Constellation, and b) is only ten years earlier than the original series.


Friday, September 16, 2016

Here There Be Trek Dragons...

"[Uniform design will be] something completely different [from ‘The Cage’]. I think when you see the design, it’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that. We were having a wardrobe test the other day and it was interesting to think, ‘Now we need to take these colors and put them up against the [ship set colors],’ to see what is going to be the best-looking aesthetic for the show, taking in the sets and wardrobe and lighting style."

Bryan Fuller, 27 Aug 2016, KERN-FM interview

Ooooooooooookay, I think it's time to come to Jesus on this matter.

By now, we all know that the new Star Trek show, "Star Trek: Discovery" will be set roughly ten years before the time of the original series.

In other words, around the time of "The Cage"

In other words, in a time period with which we're already familiar.

In short, they're doing a period piece.  And just like a show set during any other historical period, like Tudor England, Colonial America, or Tombstone, Arizona in 1885, if the show is to maintain any credibility and integrity, they need to hew as close as they can to what we know of the era.

So, unless they've got one helluva tap dance routine in mind, someone needs to remind these guys that we already know what Starfleet uniforms looks like from the 2250's up until the early 2260's, i.e., "Where No Man Has Gone Before", what the technology looks like (why they went from phase pistols "back" to hand lasers may be off-putting, but that could be a story all on its own), and thanks to the late, lamented USS Constellation NCC-1017, we've got a pretty good idea what a ship in that registry range should look like...

...and, sorry, Bryan, but that reworked Ralph McQuarrie "Planet of the Titans" concept design ain't it.  If Discovery was set, say, another fifty years earlier, maybe, but ten?  Not enough time for that wide of a shift in technology.

You want a consistent design with that setting, here you are:

And no, I am not arguing for the Discovery to be a Constitution class ship.  There are enough differences between the 18" AMT model (the Constellation) and the big eleven-foot filming model (the Enterprise) that the case can be made that the two ships are separate starship classes, a stance which goes a long ways towards reconciling the long standing issue of those registry numbers, 1017 vs. 1701.

After all the questionable choices made by the folks who made "Enterprise" (or "Star Trek: Enterprise", depending on when you jump in), now is not the time for cavalier disregarding of canon.