Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Being Pushed From The AOL Nest

America Online has announced that they will be soon be pulling the plug on their free webpages, which kinda puts a major kink in my situation, since just about all of my online presence, outside of this blog and my regular irritation on a few message boards, is via those freebie webpages.

The result is that my poor, decrepid, and underpowered Dell laptop is forced to store up all the graphics of all the webpages I've put together until I can set up some new webpages (not to mention doing a lot of uploading to photobucket.com...which I should have been doing for a while now anyway, but that's another subject).

Why is my poor, underpowered Dell laptop forced to bear this burden? Well, because my main desktop computer fried, by backup was lost in the eviction back in January, and my second backup is even sorrier than this laptop.

Yes, life has been a little too interesting these past several months. And it doesn't seem to be getting any less so.

Oh, well. I've been needing to do more here anyway.

So, prepare for a lot more stuff to start showing up in the near future, simply because I have no place else to put it.

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